Poker Paradice Betting Rules

The objective of the game is to win a higher handrank against the dealer. The game is basically a dice version of a Poker game which both dealer and the player will be given five 12-sided dice to be thrown on its selected place respectively.

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the player of 97.5% of the total bets made.
Note : Potential wins above the maximum payout per bet allowed will be capped, and this will adversely affect your %RTP. The amount will depend on your currency and stake selection.

How to Play

Poker Paradice game.png
Figure 1: Poker Paradice game

To start playing, the player can choose which chips he/she wants to use to bet. Click the chip value and place the cursor to the betting option on either Main or Bonus. The player can also bet on both the betting options. The total bet along with the total win will be located on the bottom left side of the user interface.

Clicking the same betting position will increase the player's bet by the selected chip, the player can also select another amount of the chips to increase the bet until the value reaches the maximum bet of the table.

To remove the last chip that has been placed on the table, the player can click the " Undo " button in the Gaming Control.

Poker Paradice game with a betting option.png
Figure 2: Poker Paradice game with a betting option

To remove the entire player's bet on a single betting option; the player can hover the mouse to the chip(s) and click the “ X ” button.

Poker Paradice game with chip removal option.png
Figure 3: Poker Paradice game with chip removal option

After placing the bet, the player has to click Deal to process his bet. The game will then let the player swipe to roll the dice if the auto throw is off, or the game will automatically throw the dice on the Dealer's side and the Player's side simultaneously.

Poker Paradice game result.png
Figure 4: Poker Paradice game result

The result will be displayed on the “dice result section” at the left side of the UI arranged from the highest to the lowest for dice comparison. The game will now compare who has a higher handrank between the dealer and the player.

Poker Paradice game winning flier.png
Figure 5: Poker Paradice game winning flier

The 'You Win' banner will be displayed if the player wins the round. After the round, the Deal and Undo buttons will be replaced by Rebet and New Game . The player can choose if he will re-bet his last selected betting option or New Game without his selected betting option, the table is cleared and ready for the next round of the game.

Poker Paradice Table Limits

These are the table limits available in Poker Paradice game:

a. 10 – 500 - This table has the smallest limit. 10 is the minimum, and 500 is the maximum for the main bet.
b. 20 – 1000 - 20 is the minimum, and 1000 is the maximum for the main bet.
c. 50 – 5000 - This table has the largest table limit. 50 is the minimum, and 5000 is the maximum for the main bet.

Poker Paradice table limits.png
Figure 6: Poker Paradice table limits

Poker Paradice Game User Interface

Poker Paradice game and its parts.jpg
Figure 7: Poker Paradice game and its parts

Parts of the Game User Interface :

a. Information button – this button displays the information of the game.

Poker Paradice inside the information button .png
Figure 8: Inside the Information button

b. Auto throw dice button – this button toggles the auto throw on or off.

c. Minimum bet and Maximum bet label – these are the amount of the minimum bet and the maximum bet of the selected table limit.

Poker Paradice table limits info.png
Figure 9: Table limit information

d. Volume button – to turn off and on the volume of the game

e. Home button – to close the current game and go back to the Games' lobby

f. Dealer's dice position – the place where the dealer's dice will be thrown

g. Bonus Side Bet's Payout Information – the player will place his Bonus Bet.

Poker Paradice bonus side bet payout.png
Figure 10: Bonus side bet payout information

h. Player's dice position – the place where the player's dice will be thrown

i. Poker Paradice Handrank – the place where the game's handranks is displayed sorted from highest to lowest

Poker Paradice handrank sorted from highest to lowest.png
Figure 11: Handrank sorted from highest to lowest

j. Dice results for Dealer and Player – the place where the dice results are displayed sorted from highest to lowest

k. Bonus Side Bet Betting Option – the place where the player can place his Bonus bet

l. Main Bet Betting Option – the place where the player can place his Main Bet

m. Total Bet and Total Win – displays the total bet and the available balance of the player.

n. Gaming button Controls – consists of the controls used in the game like Undo and Deal. Rebet and New Game will appear at the next round replacing Undo and Deal buttons respectively.

Poker Paradice gaming button controls.png
Figure 12: Poker Paradice Gaming button controls

  • Deal – will start the round with the bets the player has placed.
  • Undo – will undo the last chip placed by the player.
  • Rebet – will start a new round re-betting the player's last betting amount of the previous round.
  • New Game – will start a new round with no chips on the table.

o. Chip Selection and Balance information – displays the balance information and the chips which are being used in the game, the amount varies on the table limit:

Poker Paradice chips.png
Figure 13: Chips selection

Betting Options and Payout

These are the following betting option of the Poker Paradice Game:

Poker Paradice betting options and payout.png

System Auto Settlement

In the case where a player encounters network connection issue or any other issue that halt the gameplay after " DEAL " button has been clicked, system will wait for 24 hours for player to resume the game otherwise the system will automatically conclude the game.