Caribbean Saga Betting Rules

What is “Caribbean Saga” about?

In Caribbean Saga, players have to predict which number the pointer of the wheel will stop at. Players can bet on a total of 6 different betting options. Furthermore, between 1 and 3 Lucky Numbers will be offered bonus multiplier from 20x to 100x in every round.


Below is the start screen after entering the game:

Caribbean Saga

Over a long period of time, Caribbean Saga is likely to average a return to player (RTP) of 97.63% of the total bets made.


Caribbean Saga betting rules


How to Play

  1. Check the time left

The timer in the middle of the wheel shows the countdown to the spin. Check to see how much time is left to place your bets.

             Caribbean Saga time

  1. Select the stake amount

Select your stake amount by tapping the chip icon, then tap on the symbol to place your bet. You may bet on as many symbols as you like.

Caribbean Saga stake amount

  1. Confirm the bet amount

         Hit V to confirm your bets.

         Caribbean Saga bet amount

  1. Wheel Spin

         Watch the wheel spin. If the pointer stops at your chosen symbol, you win!

         Caribbean Saga Wheel Spin

  1. Settlement


    After the result shows up, the screen will display your winning amount.  

                    Caribbean Saga Settlement

Betting Options and Paytable

The game table provides various betting options. Players can view all the available options and their corresponding odds in the betting area.





Red / Black



0-12 single number






0-1-2 / 0-2-3






1-6 / 7-12




In addition, bonus multiplier from 20x to 100x will be offered between 1 and 3 Lucky Numbers in each round. Please note that the bonus multiplier only applies to single number bets and does not add to the original odds.


Game Controls



Display your total bet amount in the current round.

Display your winnings in the previous round.

Display your current available balance. Tap to hide/show.

Remove all the unconfirmed bets from the table.

Double up all the unconfirmed bets on the table.

Confirm your bets on the table.

Place the same bet as the previous round.

Turn background music on/off.

Return to the lobby.


Electronic Malfunctions

Any failure of the Player’s equipment including but not limited to network connection or computer problems, will not void the game result. The Player can check their bet history on the Report section.

Any Operator system malfunction and/or hardware failure during Caribbean Saga will void the play, and the particular table will be closed.

Physical Malfunctions

In the event of a game being voided, all bets will be returned irrespective of the bet position and result.

The Operator reserves the rights to reject SMART players or any suspected SMART players and Card Counters.


If a Player wishes to make a complaint or dispute a game result, they must provide SBOBET Casino with the date and time of playing, Table ID, dealer's name and Round number at the time of contacting SBOBET Casino. Failure to do so will result in the complaint being rejected by SBOBET Casino. Video image of card dealing is kept for 24 hours. Players must address their complaint regarding the dispute within 24 hours of the dispute occurring. Any complaints submitted after 24 hours will be rejected by SBOBET Casino without further explanation.