Fruity Fruits Betting Rules

The objective of the game is to predict what will be the winning symbol correctly in each round. The game has nine symbols that players can bet on. The game also has Bonus and Gamble features for the player to win more than what they expected. 

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the player of 96.37% of the total bets made.
Note: Potential wins above the maximum payout per bet allowed will be capped and this will adversely affect your %RTP. The amount will depend on your currency and stake selection.

How to Play

Fruity Fruits game entry scene.png
Figure 1: Fruity Fruits game

At the beginning of the game, the player has the option to choose their stake on each respective fruits.

Figure 2: Fruity Fruits game with betting options

Every time player chooses any fruit, it will be highlighted to indicate as selected betting option. Clicking “Up” direction button will raise the value and clicking “Down” direction button will reduce the value. Each betting option can be in different value depends on player’s desire. When decided, the player can click “Deal” button to start the round immediately.

Figure 3: Fruity Fruits Game After clicking deal and winning a betting option

On the image above, highlighted player’s bets are Orange, Apple, and Bell. Clicking the “Deal” button will start the game with light animation. The light will stop at a random symbol and in the figure above, the winning symbol is the Bell. The player has won his bet and will receive his/her respective payout. The player is eligible to play gamble feature. The player needs to guess whether the number will be “Small” or “Big”. Small is the numbers range from 1 to 5 and Big is the numbers range from 6 to 10.

Figure 4: Winning Gamble

When a player correctly guessed the gamble round either “Big” or “Small”, player’s winning will be doubled. In the event where player luckily hit a bonus symbol, an additional spin will be added to that round and instead of 1 running light spinning it will become 3 running lights. When the 3 lights stop on the symbols, it will be considered as the result.

Stake Betting

Fruity Fruits uses a unique betting system.

Fruity Fruits stake betting
Figure 5: Fruity Fruits stake betting

Fruity Fruits available stakes are as follows:

1, 5, 10, 50 and 100.

Once the stake has been chosen it will be shown on the stake box.

The chosen stake will be the stake amount that the player place on the corresponding round. Unless player chooses to change the stake value the amount of the total bet will consider the current stake that the player chose.

A player can raise the stake by clicking on the right button (+) or reduce by clicking the left button (-).

Fruity Fruits Game User Interface

Fruity Fruits user interface.png
Figure 5: Fruity Fruits game and its parts

Parts of the Game:

a. Symbol Section – the thirty symbols available on the game. Each symbol will represent a betting option of the game. Each symbol has their respective payout.

Fruity Fruits betting options.png

b. Winning Display Label and Info Text Box – this will display the total win of the player in each round. The animated text will appear here as information for a player.

Fruity Fruits winning display .png

c. Gamble Feature’s Section – when the player has correctly guessed the symbol, he is entitled to play gamble feature. The player has to choose either Small (numbers 1 to 5) or Big (6 to 10). Winning will be doubled up if the player wins.

Fruity Fruits gamble feature .png

d. Info Button – this button displays the information of the game.

Fruity Fruits info page.png

e. Volume Button – to turn off and on the volume of the game

f. Home Button – to close the current game and go back to the Games’ lobby.

g. Betting Options – this is the place where the player can place their bets. The player can raise and reduce their bet(s).

h. Gaming Button Controls – consists of the controls used in the game like Clear Bets and Deal. Rebet and New Game will appear at the next round replacing Clear Bets and Deal respectively.

Fruity Fruits gaming buttons.png

  • Clear Bets – will be activated when the player placed a bet on any betting option(s), clicking Clear Bets will clear all the betting option(s) that the player placed.
  • Deal – will be activated when the player placed a bet on the betting options in the table, clicking Deal will start the round with the bets has been placed.
  • New Game – will be activated at the end of every round, clicking New Game will start a new round without any selected betting option on the table.
  • Rebet – will be activated at the end of every round, clicking Rebet will bet the same betting option(s) as the previous round.

i. Total Bet and Balance Information – displays the total bet and the available balance of the player.

j. Stake’s Selection – clicking + will raise the stake amount and clicking – will decrease the stake amount.

Fruity Fruits stake selection.png

Betting Options and Payout

Fruity Fruits betting options and payout.png

System Auto Settlement

In the case where a player encounters network connection issue or any other issue that halt the gameplay after "DEAL" button has been clicked, system will wait for 24 hours for player to resume the game otherwise the system will automatically conclude the game.