Frozty Candy Betting Rules

The objective of the game is to shoot 5 candies and get a combination to win a higher multiplier.

How to Play

Fonzty Candy

To start playing, the player will have the option to select one of the three stages to their preference on the main screen. Once a stage has been selected and the player clicks the Play symbol button then the screen will shift into the Game stage. To play the game, the player can choose on how much stake he/she will bet. Clicking the + sign will increase the player's bet and clicking the – sign will decrease the player's bet. 

The stake selection and the balance information are located on the right side of the user interface. The total bet along with the total win is located on the left side of the user interface. After choosing the stake, the player has to click Play symbol to process his stake.

The player can also choose if he wants to shoot the ball one by one or shoot it with 5 multiple balls shooting in different directions. The player can also choose again if he wants to select another stage.

Frozty Candy game upon opening the game Frozty candy game upon selecting a stage

After clicking the 'Play symbol', the game will commence. Covered balls will move around and the player has to shoot it to reveal the flavor. Color combination has its respective combination payout.

Frozty candy game after clicking 'Play symbol' Frozty candy game after shooting with two revealed candies

When the player has shot three or more combinations of the bonus symbol, the player will unlock the bonus game. If the player shot 3 Bonus candies; he will have 5 bullets, if 4 Bonus candies; he will have 7 bullets, if 5 Bonus candies; he will have 10 bullets.

Frozty candy game with the light indicator spinning around the betting options

The screen will change to the game bullets screen. The screen will show how many bullets the player has. Clicking the play symbol will shift to the Bonus game screen.

Frozty candy game in candy bullets stage

The player has to fill the level bar by shooting candies with the same candy bullet. Filling up till the highest multiplier, the x25 is the player's goal. Player has to shoot the candy bullets before the front foremost candy on the game hits a dead end. Bonus game will end in three different scenarios:

  1. The player has finished all his candy bullets.
  2. The foremost candy has reached the dead end.
  3. The player has reached the highest bonus multiplier, the x25.

Frozty candy game in the Bonus game screen

After the game resumed to the Main game, a winning flier will be shown to reveal the total winnings of the player.

Frozty candy game winning flier

Stake Betting

Frozty Candy uses a unique betting system.

Frozty Candy stake betting

Frozty Candy's available stakes are as follows:

1, 5, 10, and 100

The chosen stake will be the stake amount that the player place in the corresponding round. Unless the player chooses to change the stake value, the amount of the total bet will consider the current stake that the player has chosen.

Player can raise the stake by clicking on the right button (+) or reduce by clicking the left button (-).

Frozty Candy game user interface

Frozty Candy game user interface

Parts of the Game User Interface:

  1. Game menu - this button displays the game information and the volume adjustment

Inside the Information button of the game menu

    1. Candy Container – this is where the revealed balls will be placed
    2. Home button – this button is used to close the current game and go back to the Games' lobby.
    3. Stage –the stage selected by the player upon opening the game, this is the path the covered balls will be crossing throughout the game's round.
    4. Covered balls – these are the balls the player has to shoot to reveal the candy.
    5. Total Bet and Total win information – the place where total bet and total win is displayed.
    6. Single/Multiple ball Selection – the default selection is the single ball, shooting the covered balls with a single ball, revealing the candy one by one. Clicking the selection again will activate the multiple balls, shooting five covered balls in a different direction, revealing the candies all at once.
    7. Gaming control – upon opening the game, the gaming control is the Play symbol , prompting the player to click it to commence the game. When the game starts, the Play symbol changes to Shooter, to shoot the covered balls.
Play symbol and shooter Play symbol and shooter
    1. Select stage – this button can toggle different stages or paths. The game has three stages the player can choose from.
Different Stages of Frozty candy Different Stages of Frozty Candy Different Stages of Frozty Candy
    1. Auto-play toggle – the auto-play function allows the player to play more than one game without having to continually click on Play symbol button. Auto spin will continue for the number of the pre-selected number. To stop the Auto-play, the player may click on the STOP  Stop button  button.

Selection of rounds

  1. Stake Selection  – clicking + will raise the stake amount and clicking – will decrease the stake amount.
  2. Balance information – displays the available balance of the player.


Frozty Candy betting option

These are the following betting option of the Frozty candy Game:

Frozty Candy betting option

System auto settlement

In the case where a player encounters network connection issue or any other issue that halt the gameplay after "DEAL" button has been clicked, system will wait for 24 hours for player to resume the game otherwise the system will automatically conclude the game.

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the player of all the total bets made: 

Game Winning the x5 multiplier in the bonus game x10 x15 x20 x25
Frozty Candy 90.24% 92.29% 94.35% 96.40% 98.46%

Note : Potential wins above the maximum payout per bet allowed will be capped and this will adversely affect your %RTP. The amount will depend on your currency and stake selection.