Fishermen Gold Betting Rules

How to Play

To start playing, the player has the option to select one of the 3 table limits to their preference on the main screen. Each of the selection will have similar betting options but different payouts. Once the preferred table limit is selected, the screen will shift into the Game Stage.

Fishermen Gold table limit

The player must purchase games coins to play Fishermen Gold, choose an amount you wish to transfer into game coins.

*The system only checks max bet criteria when the player transfers money to a seamless wallet.
*For VND, MMK, and KHR, the balance amount shown in the game will be your actual balance divided by 1,000. For example, if your balance in SBOBET is 100,000 VND, the balance in the game will be showing 100.

Fishermen Gold buy game coin

Pick a type of cannons and the desired denominations, and click on OK .The lowest denomination is selected by default when the player first enters the game; the player then selects a different type of cannons (Multipliers) and/or denominations to shoot and fire at any chosen target of choice.

Fishermen Gold Choose Cannon

In order to shoot down or capture any targeted fish or creature, use the cannon to aim toward the fish or creature locations and fire away. The player can also utilize the use of keyboard's quick keys to lock down a target and shoot. All shots fired by the player will be reflected around the border of the game screen until it makes a hit or contact with any fish or creature across its path.

Free bullets will be awarded to the player throughout the gameplay randomly; Each bullet will consist of the same Denomination & Multiplier settings as the bullet triggered. All free bullets must be emptied out before continuing to regular bullets.

Fishermen Gold free bullets

Fishermen Gold allows a maximum of 4 players playing at the same game instance at the same time, and the limit of bullets on the game screen is 20 for each player. All game coin balance will be returned to the player's account when exiting the game.

Fishermen Gold multi players mode

Free bullets and fish capturing are based on a set Mathematical Probability.The larger the cannon (higher Multiplier) increases the chances of capturing the fish. All wins are multiplied by Denomination only.

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the player of 95.00 % of the total bets made.

Note : Potential wins above the maximum payout per bet allowed will be capped, and this will adversely affect your %RTP. The amount will depend on your currency and stake selection.


User Interface

  • Shop - Buy game coins

    Fishermen Gold shop   
  • Bet Amount Selection - Display the type of cannons (Multipliers) and denominations which are being used in the game, the amount varies on the table limit

    Fishermen Gold bet amount selection   
  • Auto-Fire - Shoot one or more selected targets automatically

    Fishermen Gold auto-fire   
  • Lock-On - Lock onto a selected target on the screen to fire automatically

    Fishermen Gold lock on   
  • Auto-Trigger - Shoot automatically at a random target

    Fishermen Gold automatic trigger   
  • Game Setting - Display the game rules, the payout table, general setting (sound & language), control scheme, and fish log

    Fishermen Gold game setting   
  • Toggle Screen Size - Open and close the game's full screen

    Fishermen Gold full screen   
  • Return to Lobby - Close the current game and go back to the Game Lobby

    Fishermen Gold return to lobby   

The keyboard shortcuts are also available in this game. The control scheme is as follows:

Fishermen Gold control scheme


Betting Options and Paytable

The following are the betting options of the Fishermen Gold game. Each betting option has its multiplier. All wins are multiplied by Denomination only.

Fishermen Gold paytable