Whack d Mole Betting Rules

Whack d Mole is an arcade game that let the player play the classic game of Whack d Mole. Player must hit the mole that appears randomly on the holes.

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the player of 97.22% of the total bets made.
Note : Malfunctions of any sort (software or hardware) voids the play.


How to Play

Whack d Mole game
Figure 1: Whack d Mole game

To start playing, the player can choose on how much stake he/she will bet. Clicking the (+) sign will increase the player's bet and clicking the (–) sign will decrease the player's bet. The stake selection and the balance information is located on the lower right side of the user interface. The total bet along with the total win is located on the lower left side of the user interface.

After choosing the stake, the player has to click Play to start the main game scene.

Whack d Mole opening the game
Figure 2: Whack d Mole game upon opening the game

Whack d Mole hitting a mole with a prize multiplier
Figure 3: Whack d Mole game after hitting a mole with a prize multiplier

After clicking Play , the game will then commence. The player has three hammers to play the game. The game consists of 11 mole holes. The player must hit the moles that randomly appears on the holes. The player must hit the moles in order to win. Each mole has its own respective multiplier. The game has 8 different prize multipliers. The player will win when he gets the same multiplier prize three times.

Whack d Mole hitting a stone mole
Figure 4: Whack d Mole game hitting a stone mole

There are moles that can destroy the player's hammer, they are moles made of stone. When the player hit this kind of mole, the player's hammer will burst into tiny pixels. When the hammer is destroyed, the amount of hammer that can be used in the game is decreased by one.

Whack d Mole a winning multiplier prize
Figure 5: Whack d Mole game with a winning multiplier prize

The game will end when the player had used all his/her hammers, or when player gets three same multiplier prizes.  The winning flier will be shown to reveal the total winnings of the player.

Whack d Mole winning flier
Figure 6: Whack d Mole game winning flier


System auto settlement

In the case where a player encounters a network connection issue or any other issue that block or stop the gameplay after " PLAY " button has been clicked, the system will wait for 24 hours for the player to resume the game otherwise it will automatically end the game.


Stake Betting

Whack d Mole game uses this betting system:

Whack d Mole stake betting
Figure 7: Whack d Mole stake betting

Whack d Mole game available stakes are as follows:

1, 5, 10, 50, and 100.

Once the stake has been chosen it will be shown on the stake box.

The chosen stake will be the stake amount that the player placed on the corresponding round. Unless the player chooses to change the stake value, the amount of the total bet will consider the current stake that the player had chosen.
Player can raise the stake by clicking on the right button (+) or reduce by clicking the left button (-) .

Note: The list of the available stakes might change.


Whack d Mole Game User Interface

Whack d Mole game user interface
Figure 8: Whack d Mole game user interface

Parts of the Game:

A. Game Menu – this button is used to display the game information and the volume adjustment.

Whack d Mole Inside the Information button
Figure 9: Inside the Information button of the game menu

B. Auto Hit Toggle – this button is used to turn on the automatic hit and let the game choose random moles to hit.

Whack d Mole auto play disabled                   Whack d Mole auto play enabled
Figure 10: Auto play disabled (left) and Auto play enabled (right)

C. Home Button – this button is used to close the current game and go back to the Games' lobby.

D. Prize Multiplier and Hammers – this is the area where the prize multiplier and the hammer amount are displayed.

Whack d Mold prize multiplier and remaining hammer amount board
Figure 11: Prize multiplier and remaining hammer amount board

E. Moles' Area – this is the area where the player can hit the mole that has a total of 11 holes in the game.

F. Total Bet and Total Win Information – this is the area where total bet and total win are displayed.

G. Gaming Controls – this button consists of the controls used in the game.

  Whack d Mole play button                  Whack d Mole skip button
Figure 12: Whack d Mole gaming button controls

  • Play – clicking “ Play ” will start the round with the bets the player has placed.
  • Skip – clicking “ Skip ” will skip the round. The game will directly go to the end. It will show a winning flier if the player wins, else the game will show where will be the player's last position.

H. Stake Selection – this button changes the amount of stake. Clicking (+) will raise the stake amount, while clicking (–) will decrease the stake amount.

I. Balance Information – this is the area where the available balance of the player is displayed.


Whack d Mole Betting Options and Payout

There are 8 multipliers payout amount of Whack d Mole:

Whack d Mole payout table