Magical Forest Betting Rules

Game Overview

"The Magical Forest” is a 5-reel, 3-row, 25 bet-lines, video slot game.

Magical Forest game entry scene.png

Main Game - The player need to match between three to five symbols to win the prize based on the paytable multipliers.
The game offers three features:

  • Bonus Game – Bonus game multipliers X line bet
  • Scatter - the total bet X multipliers (3X3, 4X6, 5X30)
  • Wild – anywhere on a wining line will multiply your wining (2X2, 3X5, 4X10 ,5X5000 bet)

Playing the Game:

  • Choose the amount you’d like to bet with. Control the bet amount by pressing on the arrows next to the "Total Bet".
  • When you’re ready to set the reels in motion, click on the "Spin" button on the side of the screen.
  • Your winnings are automatically added to your account balance! You can see your Total Win displayed on the lower part of the screen after each spin. Round can also be initiated using the Auto-bet.

Game & Feature Rules

  • Winning combinations and payouts are calculated according the games ’Paytable’, which can be accessed through the ’Info’ button.
  • All prize multipliers are multiplied by the Line Bet amount (’Total bet’ divided by the total number of ’lines’).

Payout Rules in Main Game

  • Bet line wins pay if in succession from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.
  • A bet line win in coins is equal to the value shown in the PAYTABLE.
  • Multiplied by the line bet amount.
  • A bet line win in currency is equal to the prize multiplier multiplied by the line bet amount.
  • Only the highest win per bet line is paid.
  • Simultaneous wins on different bet lines are added up.
  • Incomplete games will be either completed automatically or will be in pending state until the player re opens the game.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Bonus Game –the Spider Treasure Bonus

  • The feature is triggered when the Spider bonus icon appears 3 or more times anywhere on reels simultaneously.
  • The goal in this bonus feature is to collect all cocoons provided on the bonus game screen.
  • Every prize generating cocoon adds up to the total win multipliers count.
  • The total amount of prize multipliers accumulated is multiplied by the Line Bet.

How to Read the Pay Table

The Paytable in a video slots game acts like a key, explaining the value of each symbol in the game. Each symbol has assigned to it a certain number value. The win amount is determined based on the number that the Paytable shows for a certain symbol multiplied by the line bet value that the player determines before he/she spins the reels. You can reference the Paytable and use the following formula to calculate what your win will be: Line Bet Value (Player sets this before spinning) x the number the Paytable shows for total number of hits for any given symbol = win amount.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays!

Symbol 5 in a row 4 in a row 3 in a row
Wild 5000 0 0
Scatter 0 0 0
Bonus 0 0 0
Fairy 1000 160 50
Witch 500 125 45
Troll 250 100 35
Tree 200 75 30
Potion 125 50 25
Mushrooms 100 50 20
Book 100 25 15
Pot 75 15 8
Acorn 50 10 4

Magical Forest pay table.png

The paytable can be accessed by clicking the info icon on the left lower side of the screen.

On mobile, Inside the game setting pages, the paytable can be accessed by clicking on the info icon in the middle of the screen.

The Game Lines

Magical Forest payline.png

Reality Check

The reality check is a message window informing the player of the time he spent on the current game session.
The reality check is reappearing every set time interval.
The time interval are set at the player account, on the hosting web site.
The reality check screen displays the time spent from the start of the current game session.
The player is offered three options:

  • Continue – return to game.
  • Go to account – opens account web page.
  • Quit game – exit game and return to host web site.

Magical Forest reality check message window.png

General Information

Game Type Video Slot 3x5
Number of Lines 25
Return to Player 95.08%