Jack in the Box Betting Rules

Main Game Features

The jack in the box "?" symbol:

The "?" symbol hides a multiplier symbol or wild. It can appear on any reel. Once all the reels have stopped, the "?" symbol will reveal its hidden symbol. All the "?" symbols in a given round will turn into the same symbol (multiplier or wild)

Jack In The Box Symbol

Mega Symbols:

Mega symbols are a 4x4 variation of the normal size multiplier payout symbols and the wild symbol. The Jack in the Box "?" symbol also has a 4x4 variation. Over the reels there is a dedicated mega symbol for all non-royal symbols, which can appear over reels 2-5. Mega symbols might stop to appear covering the reels partially or fully, except the "?" mega symbol which can only appear fully. The "?" mega symbol hides as described above, a 4x4 variation of every multiplier symbol, including royals, as well as a wild symbol.

Mega Symbol

Jack in the Box Bonus Game

Jack In The Box Bonus Game Intro

Two Bonus symbols appearing anywhere on reels 1 and 6 will trigger the ’Jack in the Box’ bonus game feature. The game will transition to the bonus game where the you will choose to open boxes containing special awards symbols. Once you match 3 symbols from the boxes you opened, you will receive that special award.

Jack In The Box Bonus Game Match Game

The awards are:

  • A cash prize - X15 your total bet
  • 10 Free spins - all payouts are X5
  • 15 Free spins - all payouts are X3
  • 20 Free spins - all payouts are X2
  • 50 Free spins - all payouts are X1, but if the bonus symbols appear over reels 1&6 during the free spins, the base multiplier for all payouts will increase by 1 for that round and any remaining free spins.
  • 7 ’Jack on Fire’ free spins - Base multiplier for payouts increases by 1 for bonus symbols appearing over reels 1&6 and all wilds get locked for the remaining spins, and every "?" symbol appearing on the reels will give an additional free spin.

Jack In The Box Bonus Game Free Spins

Game Information

Game paylines:

General information table:

Game Type Video Slot
Number of Paylines Ways
100 (Fixed) / 40 in free spins (Fixed)
Number of Reels Rows
6 reels
Main Game  Features
Mega Symbols - 4x4 variations of payout symbols over reels 2-5,
"?" box symbol can become any payout symbol or wild,
Jack in the box bonus game symbols
Jack in the box Bonus game Features
6 possible payouts:
X15 total bet
50 free spins, winning bonus symbols increase total payout multiplier by 1 for remaining rounds
20 free spins, all payouts X2
15 free spins, all payouts X3
10 Free spins, all payouts X5
Jack on Fire - 7 free spins in which all wilds get locked and bonus wins increase the base payout multiplier by 1 for all remaining spins;"?" symbols appearing will win 1 free spins per symbol
Free Spins Amount
7 to 50 free spins
Return to Player
Hit Rate (Optional)
Default Denominations By Vendor
Full Screen Support
Sound Control
Mobile Support