Fish & Chips Betting Rules

How to Play

  1. Choose the amount you’d like to bet with. You can control your bet amount by clicking on the ‘Bet’ rock to adjust your bet amount.
  2. Choose the amount of lines you want to play with. You can control the amount of lines that you use, by clicking on the ‘Line’ rock to adjust your bet amount.
  3. When you’re ready to set the reels in motion, click on the "Spin" button in the middle of the screen.
  4. Your winnings are automatically added to your account balance! You can see your Total Win displayed on the right side of the screen after each spin.

Game Directions

In order to play Fish & Chips, you’ll first need to set the amount of money you’d like to bet with and then the number of lines you’d like to bet on. You can bet on as little as 1 line or as many as 25 lines. If you want to bet on 25 lines, you can also click on the "Max Bet" button which will automatically set all 25 lines for you. For a guide to all the symbols and their values, click on the Paytable on the upper left side of the reels. In Fish & Chips, the Shark symbol is the scatter symbol and the Sea Snake symbol is the Wild symbol which substitutes for all the symbols except for the bonus or the scatter.

The average expected long term return to player (RTP) percentage for this game is 95%.

Bonus Round

To trigger the bonus round in Fish & Chips, you’ll need to get three or more bonus symbols. The bonus symbol in Fish & Chips is the Octopus symbol. Bonus rounds always guarantee a win and all bonuses are multiplied by the triggering line bet.

How to Read the Paytable

The Paytable in a video slots game acts like a key, explaining the value of each symbol in the game. Each symbol has assigned to it a certain number value. The win amount is determined based on the number that the Paytable shows for a certain symbol multiplied by the line bet value that the player determines before he/she spins the reels. You can reference the Paytable and use the following formula to calculate what your win will be: Line Bet Value (Player sets this before spinning) x The number the Paytable shows for total number of hits for any given symbol = win amount

Wild Card and Scatter

Wild Card and Scatter The Paytable also shows you the wild card and scatter. The Wild Card is a symbol that can replace any other symbol (with the exception of the scatter) to make a winning combination. This symbol also doubles the value of any winning combination (only once). In Fish & Chips, the Wild Card symbol is the Sea Snake The Scatter symbol is a symbol that pops up on the reels simply to give you extra rewards. Regardless of its placement on the reels and prizes are given for the Scatter up to 5 times (if it appears 5 times). The prize is determined based upon the number of times the Scatter appears on the reels. The Scatter win is multiplied by your total bet amount and even if you don’t have a line win, if the Scatter shows up you will still receive payment! In Fish & Chips, the Scatter symbol is the Shark

Game Controls

Autobet - When this button is pressed the game will begin auto play based on the last bet amount selected.

Spin - This button is used to begin the game. Once you have selected your bet amount press Spin and the game will begin

Bet - This button is used to select the amount you wish to bet on each spin.

A Look Inside

  1. The starting screen

    This is what the game looks like when you open it. Now you will want to place your bets.

  2. Bets placed (0.1) and lines chosen (25)

    Here you will see that 2.5 was the total bet amount.

  3. Reels Spinning

    This is what happened after you click on the button marked "Spin". Here, the reels are spinning.

  4. Winning screen

    Here you can see that the player has a winning symbol combination!

  5. Paytable

    Here is the paytable, you can access it by clicking on the top marked "Paytable".