What do those terms on my account statement mean?

Your account statement records the transactions you have made previously such as your daily bet transactions, deposit or withdrawal transactions and your account balances. For descriptions of the terms used in your statement, please refer to the list below.

  • Date - Records the date the transaction was made.
  • Remark - Records information of the transaction made.
  • Type - Records the type of transaction made.
  • Total - Records the total amount involved in the transaction.
  • Commission - Records the commission that will be received after settlement for a bet transaction.
  • Running Total - Records the total accumulated amount after the transaction is made.

Special tags are used in the type column of the statement page to identify the type of transaction made.

  • Bal - Indicates the opening balance of your account for each day, brought forward from the previous day.
  • Bet - Indicates the bet transaction(s) you have made with SBOBET.
  • Tram/Trac/Traa - Indicates the transfer transactions you have made or transfer transactions involving your account.
  • Dep - Indicates the deposit transactions you have made to your account.
  • Wit - Indicates the withdrawal transactions you have made from your account.