What is Cash Out?

Cash Out allows you to request for the settlement of a bet that has been placed, before the result of the bet is concluded. It is only available for selected events and markets. You can track your bets and Cash Out at a point of your choice. Take cases below for example:

*Cash Out Value offered can range between a value lower than your stake and your potential max winnings, depend on the performance of your bet(s).

Benefits of Cash Out

Take profit early if your bet is coming in, or conversely, get some of your stakes back with the Cash Out feature! During the lifespan of your bet(s), it helps to reduce the monetary impact of inevitable loss when your bet is going against you. What are you waiting for when you can end the bet early, sow the profits and use it to play more bet(s)! Seize this opportunity to lower risk of losing, reduce volatility and maximise value on the bets that you’ve made.

The key benefit of Cash Out is that a fixed-odds bet becomes more compelling as you had no influence on your bets before. For a successful result, you only set a wager and cross your fingers. With Cash Out, there is more freedom and flexibility to end your bet early.

How to Cash Out?

Step 1: Click Cash Out button on the running bet slip

Step 2: Confirm the value you are going to Cash Out

Step 3: Get your money instantly

Step 4: You can check details in My Bets "Viewed Settled"

Find Cash Out feature in "My Bets - View Running & View Settled". You may view the Cash Out feature on the Sports Betting Rules too!

What is "Accept Any Cash Out Value"?

Cash Out value is subject to change depending on the timing. With Accept Any Cash Out Value, you can Cash Out on the value offered at that time, no matter if it has gone up or down. This function will help you achieve the exact value that you are aiming for, reducing the chances of Cash Out rate to fail.