How do I play the Swarm Captor bonus games feature in Sky Pirates?

Swarm Captor Bonus Game

The Swarm Captor bonus game will be triggered when the bonus symbol appears on reels 1 and 5 during the Free Spins game. In this bonus game, the player has three tries to catch a creature. The creature has its respective multiplier. The different multipliers are ranging from x2, x5, x10, x15, x20, and x50. The feature prize is multiplied by the total bet.

Sky Pirates Bonus Symbol During Free Spins

Bonus game is triggered when the bonus symbol lands anywhere on reels 1 and 5.

Sky Pirates Swarm Captor Activated

The bonus symbols (a creature) will be struck by the lighting indicating the Swarm captor bonus game is being activated.

Sky Pirates Unlock Swarm Captor

The spins scene will be changed to “You’ve unlocked the Bonus Game”.

Sky Pirates Swarm Captor Boat

The boat will be the focus of the screen, signaling the start of the Swarm Captor game. 

Sky Pirates Swarm Captor Instruction

Then, the Bonus Game Scene instruction will be shown, presenting the players the instruction for the game.

Sky Pirates Creatures in Swarm Captor

The player will see the creatures swimming through the clouds. The creatures can also be seen through the radar placed on the right side of the captain.

Sky Pirates Swarm Captor Ready

The player can now catch a creature after the word “Ready” appears in the screen.

Sky Pirates Swarm Captor Catching Creature1

A creature indicator will be seen above the swimming creature, so the player can place the cannon, hold the mouse and release the orb.

Sky Pirates Swarm Captor Creature Breaking Free

During the Bonus Game, there is a chance of the creatures will try to break free from the orb.

Sky Pirates Swarm Captor Cannon Reload

In case the creatures have broken free from the orb, the bullet will be reloaded thus giving the player for another chance.

Sky Pirates Swarm Captor Catch Again

The player will then try to catch a creature again.

Sky Pirates Swarm Captor Creature Caught

After catching a creature, the caught creature will be placed on the left side, and will be caged in a glass.

Sky Pirates Swarm Captor Winning

At the end of the bonus game, the total prize will be displayed on the player’s UI and the remaining free spins will be resumed.