Birds Of Paradise Betting Rules


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Object of the Game

The objective of this game is for the player to collect winnings based on the graphical combinations offered by multiple reels of graphics. Based on the combinations that the reels stop on, the player can win many different bet multipliers.

Current Game Rules

Game Configuration TABLE I
Game Rule Game Rule Value Game Rule Description
Maximum Bet 1,800 The maximum (total) bet allowed.
Maximum Payout 2,000,000 The maximum allowable payout.
Denomination 1 Cent The credit denominations for this game.
Bets per line 1; 2; 3; 5; 10; 20; 50; 100; 200 The discrete amounts which can be bet per line
Reel Count 5 The number of reels this machine contains.
Visible Rows 3 The number of visible rows this game contains.
Number of Paylines 9 The number of paylines this machine contains. Each payline represents a line across all 5 reels. You can place your bet on one or more of these lines.
Multiplier Policy Highest Whether the multiplier amounts are cumulative, or if only the highest amount is used to calculate the winning amount.
Winning Line Policy Highest Determines whether to return the highest winning on a single line, or to sum all the winnings
Scatter Win Policy Highest Whether the scatter win amounts are cumulative, or if only the highest amount is returned.
Feature Multiplier 2 The amount that the winnings are multiplied by, during a free game feature
Retrigger No Whether free games can be won while playing a free game or within a feature game
Free Games Policy Highest Defines whether the free games won during a spin are summed, or if the only the highest individual free games winning is returned.
Random Free Games Not Random Defines whether the free games are randomly chosen.
Free Bonus 0 During all free games, this amount is multiplied by the bets per line and added to the final win amount.
Gambling Feature
Maximum attempt:   The maximum (total) attempt allowed
Maximum Payout:   The maximum allowable payout in gambling feature.
Symbols swapped during free game feature
Reel Reel index swapped The symbol at this index Swap with this symbol
1 10 Scattered Orange Bird Yellow Bird
1 21 Scattered Orange Bird Nest
2 8 Scattered Orange Bird Yellow Bird
3 9 Scattered Orange Bird Brown Bird
4 11 Scattered Orange Bird Flying Bird
4 31 Scattered Orange Bird Brown Bird
5 16 Scattered Orange Bird Flower
5 27 Scattered Orange Bird Nest


Game Payouts (Winning credits per symbols on a selected line)
Symbols Winning direction 1 Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Yellow Bird Left to Right 2 10 100 1,000 10,000
Flying Bird Left to Right 0 5 50 500 5,000
Brown Bird Left to Right 0 3 25 250 1,000
Flower Left to Right 0 2 20 100 500
Nest Left to Right 0 2 20 100 500
Ace Left to Right 0 0 5 30 150
King Left to Right 0 0 5 30 150
Queen Left to Right 0 0 5 20 100
Jack Left to Right 0 0 5 20 100
10 Left to Right 0 0 5 15 100
9 Left to Right 0 0 5 15 100
Scattered Orange Bird Left to Right 0 0 0 0 0

Game Pay Lines

The Vegas Party Paylines

Winning Scatter Combinations

The possible combinations of symbols that can win a scatter prize, and the free games won for obtaining a certain number of these symbols.

Scatter Symbols

Scattered Orange Bird
  • During any spins (standard, free game and feature game), this symbol substitutes for no other symbols
  • Scatter win direction: Left to Right
  • The winnings are multiplied by the total bet if there is a scatter win: Yes
Number of visible symbols on each reel Free Games Payout Free games won during free spins
1 Symbol 0 0 0
2 Symbols 0 1 0
3 Symbols 10 3 0
4 Symbols 15 10 0
5 Symbols 25 50 0

Substitute Symbols

Yellow Bird
Substitute for Flying Bird; Brown Bird; Flower; Nest; Ace; King; Queen; Jack; 10; 9
Substitute symbol appear in reel: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Number of visible symbols on reels Win Multiplier Payout
1 Symbol 2 2
2 Symbols 2 10
3 Symbols 2 100
4 Symbols 2 1,000
5 Symbols 2 10,000

How to Play

The player places a bet automatically by entering the game.

The player may now adjust the number of credits they play per line by clicking on the BET UP or BET DOWN buttons. They may also adjust the number of lines played by clicking on the LINES UP or LINES DOWN buttons.

After the player has adjusted their bet, the player may click the SPIN button. The machine will then animate the reels, eventually stopping on a location generated by Java application server. After all the reels stop, the game will see if the current combination is a winning one.

If so, the account menu information is adjusted and the game ends. The WIN area displays the amount the player wins on a single game. After the game is over, if the player wins, this value is added to the players balance and when the SPIN button is clicked, the WIN AMOUNT resets to zero. If the player does not win, the amount shown under WIN is zero.

Press the "Gamble" button when you have won a hand. This allows you to play a bonus game where you can double the amount of chips that you have won.

Pressing the LOBBY button unloads the Shockwave movie from the browser and returns to the initial game page. If the player has placed coins into the machine before selecting the LOBBY button, then these funds are returned to the player and this action is not reflected in the players balance until they enter another game or view their balance on the Player Balance screen.

Casino Rules

Malfunctions of any sort (software or hardware) voids the play.

Slots Rules

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Game Version: 1

Over a long period of time, the game is likely to average a return to the player of 90.13% of the total bets made.