What are the mobile game controls used in Star Raiders Scratch?

Mobile Controls

    • Spin – Play a round (=spins the reels)

      Star Raiders spin button.gif


    • Reveal All – Reveal all symbols

      Star Raiders reveal button.gif


    • Auto-Bet – Opens Auto-bet settings
      Star Raiders auto bet button.gif


    • Pay Table – Opens the pay table pages
      Star Raiders pay table button.gif


    • Home/Lobby – Exit game to home/lobby of host

      Star Raiders home button.gif


    • Settings – Opens Settings page of the game

      Star Raiders setting button.gif


    • Bet – Display the stake for the current round. When clicked, opens the bet value dropbox.

      Star Raiders bet amount display.gif


    • Balance – Display player balance

      Star Raiders balance amount display.gif


    • Win – Display current round total win

      Star Raiders win amount display.gif


  • Clock – Display time of current player session

    Star Raiders clock.gif

All game settings and info pages such as help and paytable are accessed by clicking the settings icon.


Setting Auto-Bet - Mobile

The player needs to press the auto-bet floating icon, right above the spin icon, in order to enter the auto-bet settings page.
Auto-bet settings can also be reached through the game settings (Settings=>Auto-bet)


Star Raiders auto bet setting.gif
Game Auto-bet screen

Star Raiders auto bet limit setting.gif
Generic Auto-bet scheme


Auto-Bets Limits:

    • Loss Limit (numeric value) - Pauses the auto bet function (see below) when the total loss of the user so far (SUM(bet)-SUM(win)) >= (numeric value)  


    • Single Win (numeric value) - Pauses the auto bet function (see below) when a single win payout >= (numeric value) or more.


    • Win Limit (numeric value) - Pauses the auto bet function (see below) when the total Win of the user so far (SUM(bet)-SUM(win)) <= (numeric value)


    • Stop on Win - When any single round results with a win of any size, auto-bet deactivates. Free spins count as one round, so if a main ticket didn't win any line but did win free spins, and one of the free spins wins any amount, the round counts as a win.


    • Each limit can be turned on or off by clicking on the onoff button next to it.


    • To set the number of auto-bets rounds, the player picks the desired value from the top list of optional values by clicking on the desired value. The selection mark is set on the last settings.


  • When a limit is reached and the Auto-bet stops, a message pops in the center of the screen reading according to the limit:


The message will fade out after 5 sec or on any tapping (screen or button pressed)

To exit the auto bet panel, the player can:

  • Start the auto-bet rounds by clicking “START”.
  • Exit auto-bet completely by clicking the “return to game” button on the right.


Auto-Bet Active View:

When the auto-bet is activated, the player is returned to the game view.
The spin button is replaced by a counter displaying the remaining auto-bet rounds. The auto-bet button is changed into the “Stop auto-bet” icon.
Clicking on the “Stop auto-bet” or on the counter, stops the auto bet and returns to regular game mode.


Star Raiders auto bet mode.gif

Game Settings Page

  • Setting sound – Ambiance Sound – enabling or disabling background music.
  • Setting sound –Sound effects – enabling or disabling sound effects.

Star Raiders game setting.gif
Generic game setting may change from game to game or between platforms