Why should I play Asian Handicap?

Tired of the boring conventional fixed odds betting and unattractive prices offered by products like 1X2?

The Asian Handicap bet type which started in Asia and is fast taking Europe by storm is the answer you've been searching for.

Today, Asian Handicap is much preferred by savvy punters. It is far more exciting than the conventional fixed odds as it eliminates the draw option found in products like 1X2. Furthermore, Asian Handicap creates a more level betting environment between two badly mismatched competing teams by giving a "handicap" (expressed in goals or points) to the teams before kick-off - a goal deficit to the team more likely to win (i.e. the Favourite), and a head start to the team less favoured to win (i.e. the Underdog). To win, the punter rather than backing a team to win, bets on it to overcome the handicap.

Here's Why Our Punters Prefer Asian Handicap:

  1. Better Price
    We offer Asian Handicap at far more competitive prices or odds than 1X2. You get higher returns from Asian Handicap than fixed odds betting.

  2. Elimination of Draw Option
    There are only two selections - Home Team wins or Away team wins in Asian Handicap, adding more thrill and excitement to the game and your betting experience.

  3. Secure Yourself from the Tie
    In 1X2, you lose if the outcome is a Draw. With Asian Handicap, a Draw results in your stake being returned in full or half in the case of split handicaps.

  4. Always Back the Team You Love
    No more agonizing when your favourite team meets a far superior team. With the Asian Handicap, you can always comfortably bet on the underdog as the superior team's ability is evened out by the goal deficit assigned to them.

  5. Enjoy Every Minute of the Game
    With continuous handicap point changes during the In Running (Live) games, both teams have approximately equal chances of winning even when one team leads another by several goals.

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