What is Sette e Mezzo?

The objective of Sette e Mezzo is to gain the highest possible hand total without exceeding 7½.

To Start the Game

  • When the game opens, the Preferences screen, shown below, is displayed. Select the deck design, card back, and table color you wish to use.

  • Using the radial buttons at the bottom of the game screen, whether or not you wish to see card numbers on cards.

  • Click on Save to save your preferences, or Cancel to make no changes.

Sette e Mezzo Entry Screen

The game screen will then be displayed;

Sette e Mezzo Game Screen

Note: If you place a bet and disconnect, log out or refresh the game (by pressing F5) before the game finishes, if your game has not yet entered the second stage, the game will be completed automatically and the result will be displayed in your betting history. Should you have proceeded to the second stage, where possible your game details will be retained so that you can log back in and continue play.