What is Jacks or Better 100 Hand?

Jacks or Better 100 Hand is a video poker game in which the player can play 1 or more hands simultaneously. One standard deck of 52 playing cards is used for the game, and the deck is redrawn for each hand specified. The objective is to achieve winning combinations of cards on the hands selected.

Below is the game screen on opening;

Jacks or Better 100 Hand Entry Screen

When the game begins, a 5 card hand is dealt. The player chooses whether to keep (Hold) any of the cards dealt, then redraws. Any cards not held are replaced with new cards. If the new hand(s) contain winning combinations, the player wins. The player can then choose to gamble all or half of his winnings.

Note:If you place a bet and disconnect, log out or refresh the game (by pressing F5) before the game finishes, if your game has not yet entered the second stage, the game will be completed automatically and the result will be displayed in your betting history. Should you have proceeded to the second stage, where possible your game details will be retained so that you can log back in and continue play.