What are the game controls used in Mahjong Mazzetti?

Control Function
This allows you to increase or decrease the volume of sounds in the game.
This button allows you to mute or unmute the game sounds.
Odds Display
This allows you to select the format you wish to see the game odds displayed in. AS = Asian Decimals, UK = British Fractions, EU = European Decimals, and US = American Odds. Asian Decimals is your winnings as a decimal, British Fractions is your payout as a fraction, European Decimals is your payout as a decimal, and American Odds show how much money will be won on a $100 wager.
Your balance is displayed near the top right of the game screen. The button immediately right of the amount hides/unhides the balance amount. When there are no active bets running, the button furthest right is enabled to allow balance refresh, to take into account bets placed on other website channels, voids and customer transactions such as deposits and withdrawals.
Full Screen Mode
Full Screen Mode
This button allows you to switch between the default game screen size and full screen mode.

The controls listed below feature specifically in this game. Not all buttons and features are available at the same time during game play.

Mahjong Mazzetti Control

Control Function
This allows you to control the speed of the game. Click and drag the control to the left to slow, or to the right to speed up.
Chip Selector
This allows you to change the value of your chips.
Total Stake
This display shows the total amount that will be deducted from your balance when you place your bet.
This control allows you to deal the tiles.
X (Clear)
This control allows you to remove all chips from the table simultaneously.
This control removes any chips placed on the table and resets the game.
Same Bet
This control, only available after a bet has finished, allows you to place on the table the same chip selections you made for your previous bet.
X2 (Double)
This control places double the chip selection that was placed on your previous bet.
This control allows you to place your bet.
Slip ID
This is the current SlipID. When viewing your bet history, your bets are displayed under their associated Slip ID which is the Bet ID rounded down to the nearest 100. For example, if your Bet ID was 1234567891101, the relevant Slip ID would be 1234567891100.