What are the game controls used in Fire 88?

Game Controls

Fire 88 settings button Opens the settings menu that contains settings which affect the way the game is being played
 Fire 88 volume button Adjust the volume
Fire 88 information button Open the information page
Fire 88 credit and bet amount display Display the current balance and current total bet.
Click on the labels to switch between coins view and cash view.
Fire 88 increase bet amountFire 88 decrease bet amount change up or down the current bet and open the bet menu, where you can change the bet denominations
Fire 88 spin button Starts the game
SPACE and ENTER buttons on the keyboard can be used to start and stop the spin.
Fire 88 autoplay button Opens the automatic play menu

Setting Menu

Quick Spin – Selects the Quick Spin setting for game reels to start automatically and stop as soon as released

Intro Screen – toggles the introductory screen on and off

Ambient – toggles the ambient sound and music in the game on and off

Sound FX – toggles the game’s sound effects on and off

Game History – opens the game history page

Fire 88 game settings

Information Screen

Fire 88 previous page button And Fire 88 next page button scroll between information pages
Fire 88 close screen button Closes the information screen

Fire 88 information screen

Bet Menu

The bet menu shows the number of lines available in the game, and the current total bet in both coins and cash.

Use theFire 88 increase bet amountandFire 88 decrease bet amountbuttons in the COINS PER LINE and COIN VALUE fields to change the values.

Fire 88 bet menu