What are the game controls used in Chang’e Goddess of the Moon

Playing the Game

To play a round, configure your bet using the ’Bet Plus / Minus buttons, and press Spin or ’Spacebar’ to submit the bet and initiate the round. 

A second click on the Stop  Skipor the ’Spacebar’ will fast-forward the round to the round results, or in the case of multiple lines winning, will skip the win animation and start the next round. 
The round can also be initiated using the ’Autobet Autoplay’.

Payout Rules

  • Winning combinations are paid per line in succession from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.
  • A line win in credits or currency is equal to the value shown in the PAYTABLE, multiplied by the line bet amount.
  • Winning combinations and payouts are calculated according to the game’s ’Paytable’, which can be accessed through the ’Info’ button   .
  • All symbols multipliers can be found in the Symbol screen in the Info pages.
  • The prizes are calculated using the following formula: Bet amount, multiplied by the symbol multiplier, divided by the number of paylines.
  • Only the highest win per line is paid.
  • Simultaneous wins on different bet lines are added together.
  • Any change in the stakes during active Locked Wilds, will nullify the Locked Wilds.
  • All wins occur on the selected lines/ ways
Payout Rules in Free Games
  • Free Games (Free Spins features) are played at the same bet amount as the round that activated the Free Games.
  • Free Games wins are added to any initial bet line wins.
  • At the end of Free Games, the game returns to the round that activated the Free Games Spins.

Desktop / Mobile Game Controls 

  • Spin - Start a round

    Bloodshot spin button.png  Bloodshot spin button.png

  • Stop - Stop the reels

      Bloodshot stop button for mobile.png

  • Skip - Skips the win animations

    Bloodshot skip button.png  Bloodshot skip button for mobile.png

  • Autobet / Autoplay - Opens the autobet autoplay configuration

    Bloodshot autobet button.png  Bloodshot autobet button for mobile.png

  • Bet +/- - Increase or decreases the bet amount

      Bloodshot bet display for mobile.png

  • Win - Display the current win amount and currency

    Bloodshot win display.png  Bloodshot win display for mobile.png

  • Balance - Displays the player’s current balance

    Bloodshot balance display.png  Bloodshot balance display for mobile.png

  • Volume Control(desktop only) - Enable or mutes the sound

    Bloodshot sound on button.png  Bloodshot sound off button.png  

  • Toggle Screen Size(desktop only) - Opens and closes the game’s full screen

    Bloodshot screen toggle back to original.png   Bloodshot screen toggle enlarge.png 

  • Home (optional)- Directs the player to the website’s home URL

    Bloodshot home button.png  Bloodshot home button for mobile.png 

  • Cashier (optional, desktop only) - Directs the player to the cashier or the ’My Account’ page

    Bloodshot cashier button.png 

  • Help  - Opens the Help page.(On mobile, this button can be accessed by clicking on the settings button)

    Bloodshot help button.png 

  • Settings(desktop only) - Opens the additional configuration screen

    Bloodshot settings button.png  Bloodshot settings button for mobile.png 

  • Info - Opens the info and paytable screens. (On mobile, this button can be accessed by clicking on the settings button)

    Bloodshot info button.png
  • Settings Panel (desktop Only)- Opens and closes the settings panel

    Bloodshot open the settings panel.png  Bloodshot close the settings panel.png

Auto-Bet Settings

Enables playing the game automatically for a predetermined number of spins at the current number of line and bet configuration.

How to use the autobet autoplay feature - Desktop

To open the autobet autoplay, click on the icon next to the “SPIN” button.

Sharknado autobet button.png

To set the autobet autoplay number of rounds, click on Change Autobet Rounds and choose your desired number of rounds from the list. To close the list, click on AUTOBETS above the number of rounds list.

Sharknado change autobet rounds.png

To set the autobet autoplay limits, click on the ’Plus’ sign on the upper right corner to reveal the autobet options. To minimize the options, click on the ’Minus’ sign on the upper right corner.

Sharknado autobet settings.png

Tostart the autobet autoplay, click the play button on the bottom left corner. Once clicked, the play button will change to a pause button thatwill allow you to pause the autobet whenever you choose. You can only pause in between rounds/spins and not while the round is in play. To close the autobet, click on the X sign on the upper right corner. Duringautobet play, the settings panel is closed.

Sharknado autobet settings panel.png

How to use the autobet autoplay feature - Mobile

Toaccess Autobet while playing from a mobile device, click on the autobeticon Sharknado autobet button for mobile.png above the ’SPIN’ button or click on the settings button Sharknado settings button for mobile.png on the bottom right corner and then on the autobet tab. To activate alimit, you will need to click on the relevant checkbox and enter a numeric value on the right side (in the case of ’Single Win’, ’Win Limit’ and ’Loss ’Limit’) and click on the ’START’ button Sharknado start button.png on the bottom left corner.To exit the autobet autoplay screen withoutstarting the autobet rounds, you will need to click the ’RETURN’ button Sharknado return button.png on the bottom right corner.

Sharknado autobet settings for mobile.png

After clicking on the ’START’ button, the game will return to the main screen and the ’SPIN’ button will show the autobet rounds counter. Tostop the autobet autoplay, you will need to click on the autobet button again. Pausing the autobet is not possible in mobile mode.


Auto-Bets Limits:

  • Loss Limit- Allows you to control your combined losses by entering a numeric value that will stop the autobet function and trigger a popup message when the loss limit is reached. Calculated as follows: (Sum of bets) - (Sum of wins) >= (Loss Limit amount).
  • Single Win- Will stop the autobet function and a popup message will be displayed when a single win payout is >= the ’Single Win’ value entered.
  • Win Limit- Allows you to control your combined wins by entering a numeric value that will stop the autobet function and trigger a popup message when thewin limit is reached. Calculated as follows: (Sum of bets) - (Sum of wins) >= (Win Limit amount).
  • On a Win- The autobet will stop and a popup message will appear on any win within a single round. A free spins feature is considered as one round for this limit setting and the autobet will only stop after all the freespins are finished.
  • Stop on a Feature- The autobet will stop and a popup message appear when the game reaches any feature round, including but not limited to: free spins round, bonus games and mini games, with exception to random wilds features.

Whenthe limit’s conditions are met, the autobet will stop and the relevant popup message will appear in the middle of the screen and fade out after5 seconds. The messages for the limits will appear as follows:

  • Loss Limit - "Loss limit reached"
  • Win Limit - "Win limit reached"
  • Single Win - "Single win reached"
  • On a Win - "Win reached"
  • Stop on a Feature - "Feature reached"

Autobet Autoplay Rules in the UK

Playersfrom the UK (under the UKGC regulation) that want to use the autobet  autoplay function, have to first set a loss limit and the number of rounds.Any attempt without these two limits set, will result in these fields being highlighted in red until set. In addition to these regulatory requirements, the maximum number of autobet autoplay roundsis 25.

Sharknado autobet settings panelfor uk players.png

Sharknado autobet settings for uk players.png

Mobile Settings Screen

Themobile game settings screen can be accessed by selecting the ’Settings’  button on the bottom right corner. Entering the settings options will allow you to control various aspects of the game:

  1. Sounds- Control the ’Ambient Sounds’ and ’Sound Effects’. They can be switched onoff by selecting the appropriate checkboxes. By default the all sounds are switched on.
  2. Game Play - Toggle the ’Full Screen’ onoff. You can also adjust the ’Quality’ onoff. (The quality option exists only in specific games)

Sharknado mobile game settings.png

Reality Check

The reality check control alerts you as to how much time you have spent playing the game. The time interval can set by visiting ’My Account’ through the host casino’s website.

*The reality check is mandatory under the UKGC regulation.

The popup message displays the amount of accumulated time spent in the game, from the moment the game is launched until the popup appears.
The alert message will popup in the middle of the screen based on the defined time interval and will stay on the screen until you choose one of three actions:

  1. Continue - You will return to the game being played.
  2. Go to Account - You will be redirected to your user account on the host website. In desktop mode, your account will open in a new window ab. On mobile, the game screen will change to your account and will exit the game.
  3. Quit Game - This will exit the game and return you to the games lobby.

Reality Check