Racing Betting Rules

Racing Betting Rules


The following specific rules govern the end user's use of all the Operator/Platform Provider's (the "Operator") interactive racing betting products and services offered on They form part of the Operator's General Term & Conditions, which apply to all the interactive and wagering products and services the Operator offers to individuals who register for or are holders of a betting account (the “End User”) with the Operator. To the extent there is any inconsistency between the General Terms and Conditions and any of these Racing Betting Rules, the General Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Throughout these Racing Betting Rules, any reference to "we", "our", or "us" refers to the Operator, as noted in the General Terms and Conditions as providing the relevant services.





1.1 Ante post bets on horseracing are bets placed prior to the final declaration stage of a horse race (when the final field of runners is known).
1.2 Ante post bets are placed on the basis of “all in” meaning that if the horse does not run or participate in the race, the bet is a loser.
1.3 Notwithstanding Rule 1.2 of this Horse Racing Rules above, if a horse race is postponed to another day:

(a) Ante post bets placed before the entries have closed shall stand and shall only be made void if:
(i) the race is abandoned or made void; or
(ii) a horse is balloted out under the Jockey Club Rules of Racing; or
(iii) the venue for the race is altered.
(b) Ante post bets placed after the entries have closed will be void, except when:
(i) the race is run at a later date at the same venue; or
(ii) the entries are not re-opened.



2.1 The Operator reserves the option to offer “Non-runner, No Bet” (“NRNB”) on the ante post horseracing markets prior to the final declaration stage.
2.2 The decision to offer NRNB, and the timing as to when this offer is made, is at the sole discretion of the Operator.
2.3 The Operator is under no obligation to offer NRNB at any time on any of its ante post horserace betting markets.
2.4 The Operator will state on the relevant pages of the website (the “Website”) when specific ante post markets have NRNB status.
2.5 When the Operator declares NRNB on a specific ante post market offered by the Operator then:

(a) all ante post bets placed after the declaration of NRNB by the Operator are no longer placed on an “all in” basis for that market.
(b) ante post bets placed on a horse after the Operator declares NRNB in a specific race will be refunded if:
(i) that horse is not subsequently declared at the final declaration stage; or
(ii) that horse is a non-runner.

2.6 All ante post bets placed prior to the point at which the Operator declares NRNB on a specific race remain subject to Rules 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 of this Horse Racing Rules above.



The Operator offers pari-mutuel (Tote pool) betting on international horse racing. You agree that your use of the Operator’s pari-mutuel betting service on the Website is at your sole risk.

1.1 The Operator has agreements with the following totalisator operators (“Host Tote”) allowing the Operator to accept bets at Host Tote odds on horse racing:

  • UK Tote
  • Irish Tote
  • South African Racing (including offering Singapore and Dubai racing pools operated by SAFTOTE)
  • North and South American Racing operated by TSG Service UG

1.2 By opening an account with the Operator you will be deemed to have read and accepted these Horse Racing Rules which constitute part of the Operator’s General Terms and Conditions of use as the legally binding agreement between the Operator and you. It is your responsibility to be fully aware of the terms of these Horse Racing Rules before placing a bet.


2.1 When you make a Tote bet on international racing through the Operator, the Operator is acting as counterparty to your bet. Customers’ bets are placed with the Host Totes by the Operator and entered directly into the Host Totes’ live pools (commingling).
2.2 In this respect, you authorise the Operator:

(a) to place the bet with the relevant Host Tote;
(b) to take in any resulting winnings on your behalf;
(c) to credit any winnings to your SBOBET betting account.

2.3 Your bets are subject to the rules and regulations of the individual Host Totes as well as to these specific Horse Racing Rules for pari-mutuel betting and the Operator’s General Terms and Conditions of use.
2.4 The terms and conditions of the individual Host Totes can be found at the links below:

These Host Tote terms and conditions contain information on, amongst other topics:

  • Pool deductions;
  • Minimum stakes;
  • Pool betting types and how they are settled;
  • Conditions for void bets, non-runners, dead-heats.

2.5 In the event of any bet not being transmitted to, received by, or otherwise accepted by a Host Tote for any reason, including but not limited to, mechanical, communication, human error or failure, no bet will have been placed, or be deemed to have been placed, on your behalf.
2.6 Under no circumstances will the Operator take on the liability for the bet or otherwise be held responsible for the bet not being transmitted to, received by, or otherwise accepted by the Tote. The Operator will not be liable for any loss of winnings that would have been due had the bet been placed in the Host Tote’s pool.
2.7 If your bet does not reach the Host Tote’s pool the bet amount will be returned to your betting account.
2.8 The Operator assumes no responsibility for:

(a)  typing, transmission and/or evaluation of errors in respect of any bets and shall be entitled (after the event, if necessary) to correct manifest errors relating to odds or the reporting of results and dividends;
(b) the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information services provided (in particular but without limitation, for information provided by third parties).

2.9 The Operator can only accept bet types that are made available by the relevant Host Tote and for which the appropriate betting pool has been opened by an individual Host Tote.
2.10 All bets need to be confirmed as being accepted into the Host Tote’s pool to be valid.
2.11 Minimum stake amounts are determined by the Host Tote and will vary by Host Tote and bet type.
2.12 The Operator reserves the right to impose a maximum stake per bet and a maximum stake amount per race per customer at its own discretion. In line with the Operator’s racing betting rules, the Operator reserves the right not to accept bets at any time without prior notice or explanation.
2.13 Once the Operator has accepted your offer to bet, you will not be allowed to change the terms of that bet or cancel or withdraw from that bet. Acceptance of an offer by the Operator concludes the bet.
2.14 International Tote pools close when the 'off' of a race is announced. Any bets placed after the pool has closed will be void.


3.1 Bets on horse racing are settled on the official result.
3.2 Winning dividends are calculated by dividing the total amount of stakes entered into the Host Tote’s pool (less Deductions) by the number of winning units. The percentage Deductions taken from each pool vary depending on the Host Tote and the country where the Host Tote operates.
3.3 Where no winning dividend is declared settlement will be based on the rules of the relevant Host Tote where the pool is based.
3.4 All odds and potential dividends advertised by the Operator on the Website before the pool closes are taken from the approximate odds indicator at the relevant Host Tote and, therefore, are for guidance and information purposes only.
3.5 Settlement will be based on the Dividend declared for the official result by the Host Tote after the weigh-in.
3.6 In the event that an objection is lodged against the result of a race, any payments on the result of the race shall be made in accordance with the decisions of the race meeting officials or stewards.
3.7 Pari-mutuel horseracing bets placed through the Operator have a minimum guaranteed Dividend equal to the unit of the wager, for all pari-mutuel bet types.
3.8 Bets are placed using the official racecard numbers. In the event of dispute relating to the horse name/number then the number declared by the racecourse will take precedence.


4.1 Commingling
Commingling of pools is the process where one Tote combines its wagering pool with a pre-determined community of betting entities to create one common Dividend. Commingling is commonplace in many horserace betting organisations around the world.

4.2 Coupled Entry
In North American races, bets on coupled entries are bets made on an owner or trainer. Should two or more runners either owned by the same owner or trained by the same trainer start in a given race, the odds provided by the Tote shall refer to all runners owned by that owner or trained by that trainer combined. These coupled entries are marked on the website with identical coloured numbers next to the name of the runners. The coupled entries are determined by the Tote and assigned in the offical racing report.
A bet on one runner of a coupled entry is a bet on all. Runners coupled in betting as a coupled entry shall be considered part of a single betting interest for the purpose of price calculation and distribution of pools. In the event that a runner of a coupled entry is officially withdrawn or scratched, the remaining runners in that coupled entry shall remain valid betting interests and no refunds will be made. Bets shall only be refunded if all runners of a coupled entry are scratched.
In order to determine the payout, coupled entries shall be calculated as a single finisher, the best finishing position of the coupled entries shall be used to determine the order of placing. This shall apply to all circumstances, including races that involve a dead heat, except as otherwise provided for in these rules.

4.3 Deductions
The Tote will make deductions from the total pool to cover its margin for running the pool and other statutory taxes and levies imposed.
The level of Deductions will vary between individual Host Totes and between different bet types.
Dividends are declared after deductions have been made from the pool.

4.3 Dividend
The Dividend is the amount declared to be paid for the winning selection or combination in respect of each unit bet in accordance with the Tote’s rules as they apply to each form of betting offered.

4.5 Official
An official or steward is a person acting, in a permanent or temporary capacity, on behalf of the racing authority in a given jurisdiction. The role of an official can be to determine the race outcome and/or hear objections to the race result.

4.6 Official Result
The official result is the official announcement and publication of the outcome of a race upon which the dividend shall be calculated and winning bets be paid.

4.7 Pari-Mutuel Betting
Pari-mutuel betting (also called ‘pool betting or ‘Tote betting’) refers to bet types in which all money staked is placed into a pool. The return on winning bets (‘dividend’) is calculated from the total amount wagered in the pool and the total number of winning tickets after the official race result is known. Dividends are declared after Deductions have been made from the pool.
Unlike fixed-odds betting, a customer will not know what their potential winnings are when they strike a pari-mutuel bet. In pari-mutuel betting the final Dividend is only determined after the pool has closed and the result of the race is officially declared.
A Tote (totalisator) will give an indication of the potential dividend based on bets already placed into the pool.

4.8 Place Bets

(a) Place bets are bets on the horse to place and the payout will be unaffected if the horse wins the race.
(b) A Tote pool place bet shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the Host Tote. Generally 2 to 4 horses will count as being placed, even if the Host Tote might pay on more than 4 places in certain cases. The number of places paid depends on the number of runners that start the race and can differ from Host Tote to Host Tote or even tract to track.
(c) North & South American Racing Special Place Bet Rule
If you make a place bet on North and South American horse racing, only the first two finishers will count as being placed. When the Operator allows place bets to be made, the Operator will payout winning place bets based upon the rules and dividends for place bets at the track in question.

4.9 The Off
The ‘Off’ refers to point at which a race is deemed to have started. The point at which the “Off” is officially determined has implications both for the classification for non-runners and the point at which betting pools close.

4.10 Tote (totalisator)
A Tote (an abbreviation of the term ‘totalisator’) is the operator of pari-mutuel betting. A Tote is responsible for running the betting pools, collecting the pool bets, displaying potential dividends, calculating the final dividends, and paying out winnings.
In return for running the betting pools, a Tote will take a deduction from the pool and may also collect other statutory levies and taxes on behalf of government.

4.11 Unit Bet
Unit bet, in respect of each bet type, means the minimum amount fixed by the Tote as the amount on which dividends will be calculated.

4.12 Weigh In
A jockey must weigh in carrying the same weight at the end of a race as the jockey carried at the start of a race. Failure to do so can result in disqualification. Once the weigh-in has been completed to the satisfaction of the officials, the official result can be announced. The weigh is also called the “all clear” at some tracks.


The Operator reserves the right to change any of these rules at any time in accordance with the General Terms & Conditions.