How do I remove events or leagues from my favourites?

You can use the favourites feature to bookmark your favorite events or sports leagues. Using the favourites feature, you can easily view events which you are interested in at a glance. The events and leagues in your favourites are cleared automatically each time you sign out of your SBOBET account. To remove individual events and leagues from your favourites, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the sports icon located above the left menu to view your favorite events or leagues for the particular sport.
  2. Scroll to the event or league you wish to remove from your favourites and click on the star icon of the particular event or league.

    Star Icon: The star icon of an event is located on the right of the team or player names while the star icon of a league is located on the left of the league name.

    Remove League:
    Removing a league from favourites automatically removes all events offered under the league from your favourites.

  3. To remove all events and leagues of a sport from your favourites, simply click on the double star icon located at the header of the event column of the favourites page of the sport.