How do I place a bet in Platinum Hounds?

How to Play

  • Select a chip value by clicking on the chip with the value you prefer. The following chip values are available: 0.1, 1, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. The 10 chip is selected by default.
  • Click on the yellow buttons to add bets with your selected chip value. Each button represents a separate bet, with associated odds displayed on it (see What are the bet types in Platinum Hounds?). Every click on the same button will increase your bet by the selected chip value. You may use different chip values on different bets by changing your chip selection.

    The number to the left of a bet button indicates if this dog is a first, second or third favourite to win the race.

  • To delete a bet, click on the round (x) button below the bet button. Bets can also be deleted from the bet slip page, which shows a summary of all bets. Alternatively, click the CLEAR ALL button to delete all bets. Below is an example of a bet slip;

    Platinum Hounds Bet Slip

  • Once you are happy with your selections, click the green GO RACE button to place your bets and run the race.

    All bets placed at Platinum Hounds are for the race number as specified. A bet is deemed accepted only when the Operator has allocated an identification number (a "Bet ID") to it. Once a bet is confirmed, it cannot be altered or cancelled.

Quick Bets

  • To place bets quickly, click the REPEAT BET button (only available after the first race is completed) to place the same bets you made for your previous game.


  • Previous results may be used to determine your next bets. This window shows the last 5 results for each dog. Older results will appear more faded. The clearest number will be the latest result.

    Platinum Hounds Form

Turbo Mode

Platinum Hounds Turbo Mode To speed up the game, you may click TURBO to reveal the race result before the animation is played.

Winning Bets

  • After the race has been carried out, the result is displayed on the game screen. Any winnings accrued will be credited to your SBOBET account. Below is an example of the race result;

    Platinum Hounds Result

  • You can also view the result of all bets placed in your bet list;

    Platinum Hounds Bet List


  • Payout values are calculated as odds multiplied by the stake for each bet.