EURO 2024 Prediction Challenge - The Ultimate Glory! [INR]


SBOBET Prediction Challenge is back! Take your shot at the chance of winning a whopping total prize of ₹ 86,500,000 in cash rewards!

Promotion Period: 1st May 2024 12:00 PM- 14th June 2024 11:59 AM (GMT+8) (“Prediction Period”).

How it works?

  1. Each account is allowed to submit up to THREE (3) predictions
  3. There are 2 methods to make predictions:

    • Manually selecting teams based on own preference
    • Using ‘Random Pick’ option, to randomly assigns teams across all stages

  4. Once a prediction has been submitted, it cannot be changed.

  5. Player must predict the result correctly to win the cash prizes.

  6. To validate all three predictions, participant must place bets on Sports, Live Casino, and Games within the promotion period ("Prediction Period").

Cash Prize Pool for each Stage:



Cash Prizes for Each Stage

& Round 16

₹ 3,000,000


₹ 5,000,000


₹ 8,500,000


₹ 70,000,000

Total Prizes

₹ 86,500,000



  1. Promotion will commence from 1st May 2024 12:00 PM - 14th June 2024 11:59 AM (GMT+8) (“Prediction Period”).
  3. This Promotion is only applicable for RM, CN¥, Rp, THB (฿), KRW (₩), JP¥, MMK, INR (₹), VND (₫), R$ and USD/USDT account holders.
  5. Any bets made before 1st May 2024 12:00 PM (GMT+8) will not be counted.
  7. Any CANCELLED, DRAW, REJECT, REFUNDED and VOID bets during prediction period will not be counted.
  9. Voucher bets will not be counted to the missions.

  10. Player must predict the ranking of each country correctly from the 1st to 4th position for Group Stage.

  11. Player must predict the winner of each knockout stage correctly.

  12. Total Cash Prize Pool for this prediction will be shared between each standing winner.

    • If there are FOUR (4) winners in the ‘Group & Round 16’ stage, then the prize for each winner will be ₹ 3,000,000/4 = ₹ 750,000 (each winner)
    • If there are TWO (2) winners in the ‘Quarter-Finals’ stage, then the prize for each winner will be ₹ 5,000,000/2 = ₹ 2,500,000 (each winner)
    • If there are TWO (2) winners in the ‘Semi-Finals’ stage, then the prize for each winner will be ₹ 8,500,000/2 = ₹ 4,250,000 (each winner)
    • If there is only ONE (1) winner in the ‘Finals’ stage, then the prize for each winner will be ₹ 70,000,000/1 = ₹ 70,000,000 (each winner)

  13. Winner(s) for each stage will be contacted within 48 hours on the completion of the stage.

  14. Tickets which are not used after the end of the prediction period, will be revoked.

  15. Winning Cash Prize will be credited into your SBOBET account with NO ROLLOVER requirement needed.

  16. SBOBET reserves the rights to cancel this promotion at any time.

  17. Participants with multiple account registered in the same household and/ or IP address will be automatically disqualified from the promotion.
  19. General Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.
  21. General Terms and Conditions apply.

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